Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Tree Surgeon in Manchester

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Are you considering hiring a tree surgeon for your home or commercial property but you’re not sure why or what to look for?

You’re not alone! Treework Arboricultural Services Ltd are inundated with calls from unsure clients that need a little reassurance with their trees and hedges. As experts in our field and the obvious choice for the Manchester and Stockport area, we will let you in on the top three reasons why you need a tree surgeon and why you need to call us!

Safety Is Key

When dealing with trees of a great height, hedges of a protected species and any heavy duty garden machinery, safety is key. As our main concern when dealing with all projects, regardless of size, we take safety very seriously and work in various high-risk environments every day. Being fully trained to NPTC and Lantra standards for your safety and ours, you get complete peace of mind using our services and excellent results every time.

Being highly trained in our field and knowing which safety procedures to follow at all times, we are the most viable solution when dealing with trees or hedges of any size. Removing any growth on your own can be a hazard within itself, to not only you but also surrounding properties and the passing public. So why risk it?

Quality Over Quantity

Anyone can get hold of a bulldozer and knock down a whole forest within seconds but is that really what you are looking for at your commercial property or your home address?

With years of experience and the ability to safely and accurately attend to certain trees and hedges, Treework Arboricultural Services Ltd are able to provide quality services rather than quality at half the expectation. Hiring professionals gives you the guarantee that you will get a quality tree surgery service every time which is exactly what you are looking for when you are looking for tree surgeons.

Amateur pruners are easily spotted. If you hire an amateur tree feller or surgeon, you will expect to have an eyesore at your property that is not only visually unpleasant but also dangerous.

We’re Not Just Tree Surgeons

One of the biggest perks when hiring our team as your tree surgeon is that we are so much more than just tree surgeons. With the ability to do so much more than just remove dead trees and hedges, you can count on us for a wide range of arboricultural services including:

We value that all trees are a vital part of our environment and that they hold different purposes for both domestic and commercial land owners. It is imperative that you take care of your trees and with our assistance, you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your property and your trees safe.

We are far from your average gardeners, so give us a call today to get the services you need at the times that suit you best.

Get in Touch

If you are looking to find out more about tree surgery in Manchester and Stockport, then simply give us a call on 0161 456 0989 or 01625 850320.

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