How to Care for Your Trees During the Summer

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Now that British summer is well and truly here, Treework Arboricultural Services are on hand to give you some quick tips on how to care for your trees properly.

Making sure your trees and hedges are cared for properly during the summer months fall down to maintenance contracts from our team. However, if you are feeling green fingered yourself and want to help out then below are some vital tips to follow whether it’s trimming, inspecting for pests, watering or just general care of your trees.

Pruning Techniques

Taking care of your trees includes pruning on a regular basis. With the hot weather bringing a lot more growth in trees and hedges of all species, it pays to pay attention to the sprouting twigs, branches and leaf growth before they take over your property.

Although we suggest that the majority of tree pruning and trimming should take place in dormant seasons of winter and autumn, you will have to keep on top of the growth during summer and spring. Keep an eye out as well for dead branches, diseased areas and any concerns you may have about your tree for not only the health and safety of your tree but for those surrounding also. We also suggest that any tree you may have that will flower in the summer, is pruned just before in the spring time, so act fast!

Call us today for professional pruning that takes care of your tree without damaging its aesthetics.

Pest Inspections

As well as extra growth, trees in the summer are prone to pest infestations. Although most insects are not overly harmful to trees and hedges, they can be a nuisance to surrounding greenery and also you and your family. Certain pests that do come out when the sun shines include bagworms, beetles, spiders and ants which can all be identified by our team of expert arborists.

Regular tree maintenance can be taken care of by our team so that you can get the tree management services your trees need to stay healthy for longer.

Irrigation Issues

We all know how much water we need when it’s hot and our trees are no different. Whether they are aged trees or newly planted, they still need the care and attention anything would need when the heat exceeds normal temperatures.

A general rule of thumb is to apply 10 gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter when you water”, MRT.


Another way that our team take care of trees throughout the summer is by making sure they have enough support in nutrition for leaf growth, shoots, branches and to fight off pests themselves. Without the nutrition they need to survive they can be more prone to diseases and spread throughout other greenery in the area.

If your tree is growing in a high-stress area, i.e. one without much water or growth indication, you could struggle to keep its health high and the appearance suitable.

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