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Maintenance and Tree Care in Manchester
Are your trees struggling to co-exist amongst other greenery? If they are becoming overbearing and you don’t know where to start, then you should seek professional help. At Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd we offer expert tree care, pruning services and all year-round maintenance protection, giving you less to worry about.
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Professional Tree Care Services in Manchester

As more and more urban areas develop across the UK, different plant and tree species are having to co-exist with buildings and people. Without efficient tree care and maintenance, greenery can quickly become unruly, out of control and unsafe for anyone in the surrounding areas.

As well as maintaining the appearance of your trees, Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd ensures that your greenery is safe for surrounding buildings and public passers-by.

The Importance of Tree Preservation Orders and Protected Areas

In most urban areas there are many protected trees that are unable to be cared for or maintained. This occurs as a result of Tree Preservation Orders and other legal restrictions. If you need your trees pruned, maintained or chopped you may need planning permission before any work can be carried out.

In order to avoid criminal prosecution, we check all trees before carrying out any care or maintenance services. Our team ensure that the trees we are cutting down, trimming, or uprooting are able to experience care.

Benefits of Tree Care

When it comes to caring for and maintaining trees, we understand the importance of this. There are several benefits and reasons why this is important, including:

Safety – for both surrounding buildings and members of the public walking nearby

Light – provide more light to ground below through coppicing and thinning methods

Size Control – reduce the sheer size of your tree without removing it completely

Aesthetics – make your tree appear well-maintained and add value to your property

Health – upkeep any health requirements of the trees to avoid potential spread of diseases


Many of our clients come from the Manchester area and have either previously used our services or have been recommended by others.

With our extensive expertise and commitment to tree care, we provide nothing but professional services and important advice about any trees that you have.

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Just a note to say how please I was the the careful way Carl and Ian took the tree down, and how well they tidied up afterwards.

Mrs MooreCheadle

We would like to say thank you for your assistance and also to the two young gentlemen who came and left leaving no mess, a very tidy job of work

Mrs LomaxHeaton Chapel

Many thanks for arranging for the same staff to prune my walnut and silver birch. As before, they did a wonderful job, and made sure that everything was tidied away.

Mrs SimSale