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Refresh Your Landscape with Tree Planting
If your landscape area is looking bland or bare, planting trees can upgrade and totally refresh your space. As an integral part of our environment, trees play a vital role in improving the quality of life in both urban and rural areas.
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Tree Planting in the Manchester Area

Whether you are replacing trees with new growth or developing brand new woodland areas, we are able to plant from whips right up to fully grown trees with 3-tonne roots.

Hardwood and Softwood Trees

As well as working with various tree species, our tree surgeons manage and plant hardwood and softwood trees. Planting in both the summer and the winter months, we advise on which plants and trees your land will benefit from and how to care for them throughout their life. Because safety is at the top of our agenda, we carry out site surveys, tree selections, planting, and base design to deliver a complete tree planting service.

Bare Root Trees

One of the trees we commonly plant comes in the form of a bare root tree. We plant these trees during the dormant season. They are a much cheaper solution to larger, more established tree species. As they grow in a field, these trees are protected from dangerous diseases and come with bare roots that are safe from the risks of drying out.

Root Balled Trees

Not to be confused with container trees, root balled trees often come with hessian material wrapping or a similar form of container. The roots are shaped into a ball so that they can be carefully planted at your chosen location. After experiencing a short period of storage, the trees will then go to their first place of growth.

Container Growth Trees

Container growth trees are sold to you in the container in which they have been growing in. With the ability to plant them all year round, tree planting at your location can take place at a time that is convenient to you. These are another form of tree to consider when planting.

We recommend that all trees are cared for according to their species requirements. You should work to avoid drowning, drying out, and disease contamination. Ask our tree surgeons on-site for specific details regarding your trees in and around Manchester.


With our commitment and expertise in the industry, we ensure that we provide nothing but professional services to our customers. A large amount of our clients come from the Manchester area and have experience using our services or have been recommended by others.

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Just a note to say how please I was the the careful way Carl and Ian took the tree down, and how well they tidied up afterwards.

Mrs MooreCheadle

We would like to say thank you for your assistance and also to the two young gentlemen who came and left leaving no mess, a very tidy job of work

Mrs LomaxHeaton Chapel

Many thanks for arranging for the same staff to prune my walnut and silver birch. As before, they did a wonderful job, and made sure that everything was tidied away.

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