The Importance of Tree Preservation Orders

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Discover the importance of tree preservation orders with Treework Arboricultural Services in the Manchester and Stockport areas.

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is put in place by the local planning authorities and protects specific trees in certain areas. With numerous procedures banned under the TPO, Treework Arboricultural Services have gone into each section and is making the many aware of what to do if you have a tree under protection laws.

How Does The TPO Protect Trees?

A lot of trees all over Manchester and Stockport are protected by TPO’s because they are in conservation areas or they are part of a protected species. If a certain tree is covered by a TPO, before any work is carried out it must be approved by the local councils and the planning authority.

If you do not get permission to work on those trees protected, you are legally not allowed to work on them and if you do, you could face serious fines up to £20,000.

What Does A TPO Stop Tree Owners from Doing?

According to GOV.UK, a tree preservation order prohibits the owner from:

  • Cutting down
  • Topping
  • Lopping
  • Uprooting
  • Wilful damage
  • Wilful destruction

Information is taken from GOV.UK.

If you are an owner of a protected tree and want to maintain your tree properly, you need written consent to do so. With the government encouraging tree maintenance, you can rely on our team to provide the necessary services you need to keep a healthy tree without breaking the law.

National Planning Policy Framework for England

Since 2010 when the government made changes to the planning system, the National Planning Policy Framework has been created and compiled into more than a thousand pages called the NPPF.

When you make an application to work a TPO tree or woodland area, the council will consult this policy and make judgements on “future development of the area, addressing needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities and infrastructure – as well as a basis for safeguarding the environment, adapting to climate change and securing good designWoodland Trust.

Trees with TPO’s

If a tree already has a Tree Preservation Order and someone is wanting to carry out felling work on that tree, they need to apply for an application to the local council to do so. Trafford Council offer advice on tree preservation orders and work with planning authorities to ensure that important trees are protected at all times.

They apply TPO’s to trees that are under threat and only if the tree looks “healthy and stable, is visible from a public place and its removal would significantly harm the appearance of the area”.

TPO’s and Site Clearance Services

If you are planning on developing a site that has a tree with an active TPO, you will need planning permissions to do so. If the planning permissions are approved for the development, this overrides the TPO and site clearance can begin.

Our team quite often carry out work on TPO trees and can provide professional guidance on what steps to take with yours.

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