Don’t Let Your Trees Block the British Sun This Summer

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Are you trying to sunbathe and the trees are blocking the sun? Don’t sit in the shade any longer and call Treework Arboricultural Services for tree surgery you can trust.

With years of expertise and the chance to either trim, cut or completely remove trees in your garden, you no longer have to sit in the shade and you can enjoy the British sun if we ever get any that is!

Tree Care That Counts

If your trees are struggling to co-exist amongst other in your garden or they are blocking the light from your greenery below, you may need some tree care services from our professional team. Using the latest equipment and highly skilled tree surgeons on every service, there is nothing that our team can’t do to make sure that when you roll out the sun bed, you can bask in the summer heat with ease.

Get your trees looking the way you want them with quick and simple tree surgery skills from Treework Arboricultural Services in Manchester and Stockport.

Complete Tree Removal

As well as tree care, we can completely remove trees that are in the way of the light and those that are dangerously growing. In a matter of time a tree that was one a tiny inconvenience can completely take over your garden area and be harder to deal with, so act quickly and remove those trees that are no longer part of your landscape.

Tree felling with our team is often carried out when trees are diseased, overgrown and no longer wanted in the location. Throughout the whole of Manchester and Stockport, we are asked to remove trees from the root upwards and take the stump with us and it is something our team are highly skilled in doing.

We can also carry out sectional dismantling services that can remove certain sections of your tree, particularly the ones blocking the sunrise and sunset. With The Guardian recently reporting on ‘How private is your back garden?’, it is clear that privacy is such a massive topic with the British and sometimes needing more trees is the answer.

Do You Need More Privacy to Sunbathe?

As well as those homeowners with unruly trees, we are regularly asked to plant new trees to give people more privacy while they sunbathe at home too. With a little TLC and attention to specific species, we can plant the best trees for your location and give you the extra privacy you need without letting them overgrow.

Tree maintenance and hedge maintenance is our speciality and we can return as many times a year you would want to keep on top of their growth, especially in the summer. With most trees growing their most throughout the warmer months, it is so important to keep on top of coppicing and trimming to keep your tree healthy and suitable within their allocated space.

UK Holidays Vs. Abroad Holidays

It is common knowledge that with the rising price of abroad holidays and lowered wages, more and more people are staying at home in the UK and are enjoying the summer holidays here rather than in hotter countries. With that, comes an increased need for privacy in our own back gardens with Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth being at the top of the list for UK summer hot spots.

Get in Touch

To find out more about how you can arrange your garden perfect for the looming summer months, give us a call on 0161 456 0989 or 01625 850 320. We have your best interests at heart and will carry out whatever service you need, as long as your trees aren’t covered by TPO’s!

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