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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Tree Surgeon

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Tree Surgeon

When you are choosing a tree surgeon in the Manchester area to work with, it really pays to ask certain questions.

As experienced tree surgeons ourselves, we know what are the most popular questions that get asked and we are more than aware of what not to ask also. Finding a tree surgeon you can trust can be extremely difficult as well as time-consuming if you don’t know what you are looking for. Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd is here to offer some advice.

Check Qualifications and Credentials – What accreditations have you got?

Just like any other service or industry, tree surgeons have to have accredited and approved qualifications and accreditations before carrying out any insured work on your premises.

Here at Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd, we are both LANTRA and NPTC City & Guilds approved and qualified for your safety and quality of service. With all team members being highly skilled, experienced and trained, you can rely on our services to be safe and of exceptional quality no matter what you need from us.

NPTC – “All our qualifications are developed with industry experts and employers to ensure that they support the skills needs of today’s industry”.

Check their Experience – Have you been doing this long enough?

Here at Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd in Manchester and surrounding areas, we believe that experience tops all skills and accreditations. Although we are highly skilled and qualified, we strongly believe that our experience sets us above the rest in our area.

Using years of experience and our strong reputation in the area, we have built a strong client base of both domestic and commercial customers. All of our clients return to using our services time and time again without fail. Check out our testimonials from previous customers to see for yourself the level of service we provide.

We would like to say thank you for your assistance and also to the two young gentlemen who came and left leaving no mess, a very tidy job of work.” Mrs Lomax, Heaton Chapel

Always Check the Price – Will I get a quote?

The prices of anything is always important. You would never go ahead with a haircut for yourself without knowing the true price you will pay at the end, so why do it with tree surgery?

Our team will always quote based on our best understanding of the situation and on larger cases, we will visit the site to give an accurate quote every time. We make sure that all of our clients, both domestic and commercial, can understand the quote they are given and are given a fair price for the services they are receiving.

Get in touch today to get a quote for yourself or your business premises.

Are you really a local business?

There is nothing worse than cowboy builders claiming to work in your local area but travelling from miles away to carry out your services. Without them being truly local you cant call on them when you need them, you cant access them in an emergency and you also can’t trace them should you need to follow up on a service.

Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd are based in Stockport, Lyme Park but work all over Manchester and surrounding areas including Ashton Under Lyne, Altrincham, Bury, Chadderton, Cheadle, Rochdale and Oldham. With the ability to be where you need us at a time that suits you best, you can rely on us to be in the Manchester area all year round.

Check out the areas we cover right here and get in touch to find out more about tree surgery services in your local area.

Get in Touch

To get a free quote or to just enquire about tree surgery services we can offer, call us on 0161 456 0989 or 01625 850 320. We are always available to take enquiries online and will get back in touch at the earliest point possible to let you know what services we can provide.

Summer Tree Safety with Arboricultural Services Treework Ltd

Hedge Cutting

Now that summertime is just about here, it is about time we looked at how to take care of your garden, trees and hedges safely throughout the warmer months.

As the British sun starts to beam down, occasionally, on your garden area, your trees and growths will start to come into leaf. This is the perfect time to give your trees a health check and include with this a clean-up of dead branches and broken leaves.

Dead Branches and Leaves

Over the winter your trees will have been battered by all weathers and in most cases, there will have been a lack of nutrition and damaged branches or branches prone to splintering. If this is the case, there is a severe danger for anyone in the area and even neighbouring properties due to the risk of collapsing and falling heavy branches.

Finding these branches and broken parts of the tree is so much easier when it starts coming up to spring and summer. The easiest way to identify these broken areas is by waiting until the rest of the tree starts to sprout new growth, and those damaged areas obviously won’t.

Our team are more than capable of spotting these dead areas of your tree and safely cutting them back to avoid fallen branches and poorly maintained trees. Get in touch for tree care, pruning, maintenances and protection that you can trust.

Top Signs to Look Out For

When it comes to inspecting trees on your property, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for in regards to damaged limbs and branches. Our team are able to come out and check any damage prone trees for you on site and provide you with quotes as to what services you may need to keep these as safe as possible.

Those trees that are more than likely going to be damaged in the run-up to summer include:

  • Aged trees
  • Trees with larger canopies
  • Trees that have large foliage and a larger leaf
  • Branches that are rubbing against each other on the same tree or neighbouring trees

Summer Tree Pruning

Summer tree pruning is really all about timing and when you choose to carry out the protection and maintenance work. It is so important to make sure that whatever work you carry out doesn’t hold any stress on the trees themselves.

As summer is a great time for a tree to be at peak health and not dormant, the replenished energy that the tree has will help it recover from coppicing and pruning. Our professional surgeons are able to work carefully with your trees in order to keep them healthy all year round and give each tree the chance to grow properly without further damaging it or the surrounding growth.

Benefits of Summer Pruning

There are so many benefits to pruning your trees in the summer, and the biggest is that it just overall looks better!

As well as having the best-looking trees on your street, you can sleep easy knowing your trees are free from danger, not a hazard to the public or other trees and that your trees are growing healthily all year round.

Pruning can also give way to new growth and reduce the stress on the surrounding trees in the fight for nutrition and light. All trees are living things and need the care they deserve all year round to grow properly without damaging their surroundings, so why not get in touch and start your journey today?

Get in Touch

To find out more or to arrange a site visit for tree care, call our team today on 0161 456 0989 or 01625 850 320.


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